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Hannes Frisører

Hannes Frisører

Hannes Frisører is a Trondheim based hair-salon. It houses some of the best hairdressers in town, even the country, and they have a history reaching back to 1980. 

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As they are planning to move into a new space, they also wanted to reboot their branding which has been untouched since the conception in 1980. This is still in the implementation-stage, so any real-life results has not shown itself yet. But both I and Hannes Frisører feel very confident that this will help them in rebooting their entire concept, and hopefully atract a new audience. We chose bold, flashy colours to help attract the desired audience, mainly youngsters. This colour-scheme paired with crisp, modern typography helps reach them. 

Below you can see different versions of the logotype, as well as other elements that compliments the main logo in both form and function. 



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Graphics Standards Manual

Download a comprehensive file outlining every single element created for Hannes Frisører.